Multitude of Visions: Liminal Spaces in 3D as the name suggest, is a collaborative work between two writers, Sandra T and Yah Yah Scholfield. It is a collection of 20 short stories uniquely set in 10 universes. Each writer tell a story, with their own visions, about characters of these worlds hold. Multitude of Visions: Liminal Spaces in 3D uses the inter-dimensionalilty of liminal spaces to explore and then process the human emotion and what the immediacy of a space does to the human mind. In one world, they explore the plight of ageism with how it affects women of that time, as well as the generations of women headed to the inevitable path of the death of youthfulness. The same story told in two point of views: one of romance and in another, a eulogy. Intrinsically non-narrative in its format, this collection of short stories really delves into the schema of humankind, the fear of the unknown, and the spectrum of the psyche with a speculative flare.


Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin explores the complexities of the perception of the Self and the non-linear journey of the personal sense of Self, to what becomes of the Self in relation to its environment and other Selves? When one is denied the space and time to think of oneself beyond the physical. Sandra T explores these questions in an inner and wider spectrum.

It’s separated into four sections, The Mind, The Voice, The Heart, and spearheaded by the section titled, The Sun.

The sun which represents the divine (immaterial) and the mind, voice, and heart representing the popular notion of what makes up the Self. 

The Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin is part Surrealist Fairytale, part fantasy and part Epic, which coalesce into a vivid exploration of human nature and the nature of reality.