The Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin by Sandra T

The Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin by Sandra T


Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin explores the complexities of the perception of the Self and the non-linear journey of the personal sense of Self, to what becomes of the Self in relation to its environment and other Selves? When one is denied the space and time to think of oneself beyond the physical. Sandra T explores these questions in an inner and wider spectrum.

It’s separated into four sections, The Mind, The Voice, The Heart, and spearheaded by the section titled, The Sun.

The sun which represents the divine (immaterial) and the mind, voice, and heart representing the popular notion of what makes up the Self. 

The Sun Weakens Beneath The Skin is part Surrealist Fairytale, part fantasy and part Epic, which coalesce into a vivid exploration of human nature and the nature of reality.

A Poem featured in the book:



Sleep child sleep upon my bosom and let my heartbeat lull you into a crescendo
Oh! small child who's distrustful of their own thoughts
creep and fiends and dark beings cascaded in white haunts you into submission

bruises purple
yellow and faded into a sad moon waxing in the black space

Oh! Lonely child come rest upon me for I will try my very best
All that I can do with my mangled bones and dusted body because I survived the ocean body
I will cradle you oh little one
Hair so soft yet face hardened with the loss of innocence

The sallow walls that imprisoned your sanity propelled you into a life of paranoia set with lapses of memory



Come heal yourself within me sweet child

May my rotting muscles bring strength to your weak body

Poor body drowned in the bayou of three generations of mutilations

Cracks form in the heart— the far left by your right hand grips my shoulders powerlessly

Mama said you were meant to live for an eternity didn’t know the pale green bile of majestic delusions striked a goblin on the back of your skull now everyone is against you




I am my mother’s dream

My grandmother’s day dream

My great grandmother’s nightmare

My Nana’s hallucination


The child latched onto me

Now we are connected through ashes and mulled fat


We are now one with the collective burgeoning of desires— we now want

I now see what it means to feel a tug towards eternity

We now see the road to infinity


She now wishes to be forgiven

She is now a full being with a heart that dies every other millisecond— she has now six eyes and four arms

I am a being worthy of love— we now— we are disrupting the cosmos with our unholy entropy killing the bees

murdering the men

sucking their souls out of their necks with our many heads— we are now the cause of damnation


Look at our souls trapped in the body created by a plateau of hell

The great pastures of ringed bodies draped in satin


We are now the personification of beauty


ISBN-13: 978-1-7330472-1-0 

ISBN-10: 1-7330472-1-2

Pages: 135 pages

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